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3:12 am - 02.07.04
Tarot Class 2
This is shameless self-promotion, so deal with it!

I am proud of my accomplishments, I have made my dreams a reality, so please read the following, and pass on to anyone within the area.

Thank you ^_^

Hello Friends!

Tarot Class 2 is coming up soon. It'll be on March 6-7, and 13. Same place as before, the Holistic Wellness Center (1132 Emerald Terrace, 608-834-6000, in Sun Prarie, WI. From 1-4pm. I'm hoping it'll be easier on people's schedules if it's on the weekends.

The class format is a lil different. I'll be focusing more on helping you to read the cards, rather than learning the individual symbols. Strengthening your intuition, and trusting your instincts is very important when reading the Tarot, so we'll be doing some psychic exercises to help attune your mental powers to the cards.

Also we'll be focusing more time on practice readings. I am confident you'll leave this class with the knowledge to read the Tarot with your intuition, and not just with the guide book.

You'll need to have a Tarot deck (78 cards) to take the class, one cannot be provided for you. But you may order one through the Wellness Center. I recommend the Rider-Waite deck, or the Universal Waite deck, both are essentially the same, with slight differences in color. The Rider-Waite deck was one of the most influential Tarots to come out of the early 20th century. And I'll be using it as one of my reference decks. I would avoid getting "Starter" decks with the definitions on the cards. These decks won't allow your intuition to speak to you, instead you'll only go by the general definitions on the cards.

The cost of the class has gone down a bit. You may pay individually for each class ($25), or you may pay the full $75 at the beginning of the class. The participants of the first class, may retake this class, and any future Tarot classes free of charge. This applies to anyone who takes this second class as well.

If you have any questions about the class, please contact Andrew at, or contact the Wellness Center to sign up for the class.

I hope you will join us!

-Andrew Donald


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