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12:57 pm - 02.09.04
angry at the mud flaps
I'm going to do my taxes today. Oh joy. But I'll have help, lets hope it's lotsa help!

I'm not really sure what to say at this point.

Brainfart day.

Staring at this textbox, nothing comes to mind.

I can't stop thinking about that blond boi I had a dream about.


Yep, I have nothing...


I did notice something odd today.

AOL deleted one of the access numbers that actually worked (I'm down to one again)! And I started to get angry, and my heart and stomach got warm, and tight. And I felt this tightness beging to surge throughout my body.

I wanted it to stop, and it has. But I wonder why I never noticed this before?

What does your body do when you get angry? What is the chemical response to the emotional effect?

And why haven't they made mud flaps with a naked man, sporting a large hardon?

If I can find the right pic, I'll try to modify it a bit.



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