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3:40 am - 02.10.04
my cloudy reputation
"Capricorn(December 22 - January 19)

Even if you know that you can see both sides of an issue now, you still might come across to others more judgmental that you really feel. In part, this is because you feel that others are unfairly holding you back by using their authority to keep you in your place. This can also work the other way, where you become convinced that you are right and then use your strength to bully someone to take your position. Either way, avoid extremes as you seek balance."


This is my horoscope for today, being the early part of Tuesday.

I was so afraid of what Paul could say to destroy my reputation. But I realised I never asked for him to say anything on my behalf.

He put in a good word for me, but I wonder why Linda called me? She owns Earth Songs bookstore, she has several popular psychic faires throughout the year. She called me last month, asking if I'd read at the faire in March. I said yes, of course.

Reputation is a funny thing, cause it's really all just made up. It grows and falls on opinion. I'd rather show people who I am, than have a group opinion tell them, even if the reputation was favorable.

I was going to call her today, and contact everyone else Paul may have called.

But I'm still too angry and scared, so I'll give it a while. If she calls me to cancel, I'll try to explain my side of things. But if her mind has set upon an opinion of me, then there's very little I can do.

Life has shifted again.

But I feel stronger alone, now, because I can guide my path where it will go, without it being lifted up by other's viewpoints.

I am a good reader. I know this in my heart. Your belief is your own.


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