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3:34 pm - 02.13.04
I hope St. Valentine got herpes
Today is Friday the 13th!

Kinda snuck up on me there.

And tomorrow is V-Day. ugh, make it go away.

You come to realise at some point, that you own too many socks with holes in them. And you have too many of your own books, and not any of his. That your bed only has one dent in the middle, and not two on either side.

I'm lonely, because I fill every gap in my life with something, so it doesn't seem so big. But saving room on bookshelves is not enough.

I am already in love with some imaginary boytoy, he's nothing compared to any boy found in reality. And therein lies the problem.

I don't even know what I'm talking about. I had some vague notion of what I wanted to write about. But I'm not so clear anymore.

Poems, chocolates, flowers, tin-foil balloons...won't be getting any of those, I won't have a warm body next to me in bed tomorrow night, except maybe Dawn's cats.

You might be alone too, on the day of red and white marshmellow heart candies, and paper lace kindergarten valentines.

All of our holidays involve some sort of giveaway, don't they? And offer another moment to feel crappy cause you don't have anyone to spoon with.


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