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2:35 am - 02.20.04
figuring out if I'm still alive
I changed my layout, which may change again at some point, so I won't go into the details. It's just really cool, and yet simple.

I was using a modified diland template, but that just felt wrong. Like I was using andrew, free loading on his template couch. So I needed to design my own, make it mine.

The art is temporary, but it expresses the stuff I need to say right now.

My time at Dawn's house is coming to an end soon. I'm going to miss the cats terribly.

Max has been such a big sweety, I'm going to miss cuddling with him. And Murray is the alpha cat, yet he doesn't enforce it, like a quiet omni-pressance. It's quite funny to watch Max try to ursurp Murray's power.

They fight over the cat tree.

Zenne left a comment in my guestbook, that really got to me. I have a feeling that she's the swearing french lady, but I have no idea. She said important things. Thank you.

Remembering who I am in the now, is very important.

And I'm glad I don't come off as melodramatic, I worry about that.

I'm very tired now, tomorrow is a busy day.

On Saturday, I'll be going to my great aunt Ellen's funeral. I'll be going to honor her, even though I know very little about her.

I haven't been to a funeral in a very long time. I never understood why people don't smile and laugh at funerals.

Death is a funny joke, we think it's a big deal, when really it's not.

I know that might disturb some of you.


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