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1:12 am - 02.22.04
Teddy Max & Steve 33
Chrissy kidnapped me tonight. She gave me a magic fluffy teddy bear, I'm calling him Max. After the Max kitty I miss so much already.

When Chrissy was at the bus terminal, waiting for her bus, she had left her bags unattended. She went away to do something, and when she came back, there was a teddy bear on her bags.

It was loud in the Perkins we were at, so I might've misunderstood the details.

Anyways he's adorable and fluffly, and has big sweet eyes just like kitty Max, and fluffy like him too.

Steve was our waiter, he's 21-22, he saw we were doing Tarot readings, and told us that two differant psychics told him he was going to die at 33.

He was a hottie too, but I don't think he's a gay waiter. But oh would I love to help him crossover.

I gave him a tip of $3.33, and we both left him notes, thanking him for his great service. Chrissy even left her phone number!


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