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10:33 pm - 02.25.04
My PC might have a selective Virus
I opened an email I shouldn't have.

It had "Joke" in the subject line.

Yeah, some joke.

If you know me well, you know I have a huge collection of porn and art pics stored on my computer. Easily over 6,000 images.....all gone.

Except for a few remaining random pics.

The strange thing is, only the JPEG and BITMAP file formats are gone. All my GIF, Text, Word, and Music files are still present.

And it appears to have deleted files only in my "My Documents" folder.

I'm only half an idiot though, I frequently make backup CD-RW's of all my Data. So except for a few recent additions, everything can be replaced.

Ok, I just checked something. I should've increased disk space by atleast 2 GB, and it's the same as it was last night. I just did a defrag a few hours ago too.

I need to check a few more things bgefore Witch Hunter Robin comes on.

Don't open "Joke" emails anymore. I didn't forward it to anyone. I'm also not going to send attachments to anyone, until I get this figured out.

Maybe this is what a Worm is? I always wondered.


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