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7:52 pm - 02.26.04
Why I shouldn't have kids
If I were to have kids, I would want to rewrite humanity. That's too much to put on the shoulders of a kid.

I would want my child to be isolated completely from the Media, and grow up with their own opinions of the world, before the Media brainwashes them into believing one idea for the rest of their lives.

Advertising is the new religion, the new science. The Media tells us how to think, what to wear, where to live, what to think. Without the use of drugs, unless you count the products they sell as drugs.

I'm not wanting to move into the woods, and raise a kid on garden stuffs, I would want him to have needed interaction with people, but not the bombardment with forced opinions.

If I could raise a child, who would be encouraged to ask questions, read and see everything, and learn, really learn.

Pain is a lesson, it's not meant to be met with Fear and Walls. Pain is there to teach you. So, the stove was hot. Don't avoid stoves for the rest of your life. Why was the stove hot? Could you do anything about it? Learn!

I want the Enron kid, he was the ideal kid, intelligent, cute, inquisitive.

I would try to find a way of breaking the Emulation condition, the need early on to please others, so they will like you. It developes into some fucked up nerosis later on, let me tell you.

The Parent cannot be seen as God, and shouldn't try to be. Not even as a provider. The parent is there as a guide. I swear our ideas of familiy are psycological booby traps waiting to spring. Kids can be cruel, their ethics come from us, and even when we're around children, we can be very cruel. So lil Billy might not be as angelic as you seem to think he is. "My child wouldn't do that!" Oh, I bet he would, and has.

I love kids when they're in play or question mode. This is the part I can relate with. But when they get fussy, angry, or crying...I'd just like to put them in tupperware until they're ready to be cute again.

Also, I'm sick to death of parents dressing their 6 yo's in hoochie mamma clothes! Children's sexuality is volatile enough. I was a horny freak in 1st grade! I was cute too in torn jeans and tummy shirts. The girls would chase me, and try to kiss me.

Anywho, sex is a subject kids find out about very early, it's everywhere. I'm not saying we should give our kids a bag of porn, and let them decide what they like. But I do believe that love, sex, romance, contraception can be understood by a child. And I'm not talking about "when a daddy bunny loves a mommy bunny, they get together, and suddenly, behold a baby bunny!"

Also Parents should be given leaninacy from the government in the areas of work, insurance, livelyhood; including these perks: automatic health and life insurance for parents and child; a good home near a attendance controlled school; in a community that spends more on the people, and not entertainment and military!

We don't need huge stadiums and military bases!

And if the government would restrict how much money can be paid to entertainers, politicians, military personel, and sports players; I think we could resurrect the budget overnight with the money.


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