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5:05 pm - 03.10.04
Punch Drunk Love
I am a doormat.

Open your door, look down, see that rectangle of astroturf, it reads "WELCOME"?

That's me.

Dawn F., the lady I house sat for, is studying a new form of spiritual counseling. She needed people to try it out on, she asked me, I said yes. We set a date, Tuesday, she had to reshedule. Fine. Set it up for today, around Noon. Her daughter decides to come over, throw all of her Mother's close onto the floor, and says "Mommy, I'm going to buy you a new wardrobe!"

So off they go to Goodwill, to donate clothes. Dawn calls me to reschedule, says her daughter has left her with no clothes, not even pants! (bitch girl has been watching too much queer eye) Dawn say's it might take longer, so she reschedules around 1:00.

I'm online, getting a reading from a friend, talking to two other friends, but I have to go. So I sign off. Dawn calls, says it's going to be longer, says she'll pick me up sometime between 3:30-4:30. I tell her I have a show to goto downtown, I need to be there by 7pm, she says she can drop me off.

I start watching "Punch Drunk Love" (Adam Sandler), I also call the cabel company cause the cabel is fucked up. After giving him reams of personal info, he says he can't do anything until tomorrow.

I also call the apartment management, cause our fridge is fucked up, again. Service guys comes, interupts movie, unplugs fridge, and leaves. 2 hours later, when movie is done, I call management again, apparantly he "deferred" the complaint onto someone else, who will surely be here before the end of the night. Dawn eventually calls to cancel our appointment.

Karyl also calls, says her puter is fucked up, I gave her one of my free AOL emails to use, she'd like me to check it. Appoarently this chick she obsesses over emailed her. Karyl is in her 60's, she's supposed to be more mature, but believe me, she's not!

I just checked the email, when I reinstalled Windows, I had to reinstall AOL too, so I lost all passwords. Thankfully I remembered it. But it suddenly doesn't work. So AOL puts me through all this damn security bullshit. When I finally get through, she has no email.

I am a doormat.

I went into my room, and for about 20min, I started ranting, raving, screaming, kicking, generally ruining my lungs and throat for a long while, all over the infuriations of Karyl. I let her walk allover me, I let others walk all over me.

Now I want to talk about Barry, Adam Sandler's character in "Punch Drunk Love". This is a very weird movie, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But it is not a bad movie. No really, it's actually a very well done piece of weirdness. All the characters are insane. Barry grew up with 7 sisters, all of them inconsiderate, ugly, vally girl BITCHES!!! HUGE FUCKING BITCHES AND CUNTS!!! Barry has these freak out sessions of physical destruction, everytime they even get near him. These 7 cloned bitches (they all look alike), are a perfect example of people who have no idea how they effect the world with their selfish bile spewing form from their gaping mouths.

By the end of the movie, Barry begins to stand up for himself, I like the bit where he beats up the 4 blond brothers. So many fucking assholes in the movie. And I have met people like that, middle class cold hearted scum! BITCHES! FUCKNUTS! CUNTS! CAN ALL GO TO FUCKING HELL FGOR ALL I FUCKIUNG CARE!!!!!!!

Do not see this movie, especially if you're feeling walked all over, Like I am. It will not help you, it will make you feel horrible and angry.

This movie might make you hungry for chocolate pudding.


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