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3:28 pm - 03.11.04
Andy and Charlie
Here's a convo I had today.

Charlie: heya
Andy (me): ayeh
A: suck my boner, please? please!
A: hi:D
C: you are kidding right?8-}
A: perhaps:-P
A: spring has sprung in my pants, the sun light feels good apon it's rigidness
C: well can't walk outside naked just yet
A: you can, if you know where to walk
A: but alas, all i can do is sit naked next to my window, and feel the uv radiation slowly cook my sausage
C: you need a man and/or a woman
A: or both at the same time
A: oh hey, i've been there before:P
A: wow, that's a big cock
A: the picture quality is ok, some of the guys are sexy, i'm a porn snob:P
A: you're werlcome to think i'm a raving lunatic, but how will i ever know if you don't tell me?
C: ok you're a raving horny person
C: being bi, you have more options to choose from
A: thank you:)
A: I'm an equal opportunity lover
A: as long as your human and over 18, you're fair game
A: a man must have his priciples:P
A: principles....damn my drunk fingers!
(long silence)
A: anyways you're either weirded out or busy, so i'll talk to you later:)
C: i'm reading news
C: not sure how to comment on that
A: first thing that pops in your noggin, honesty is always sexier
C: u been with many people before?
A: i do differant things with each person, so my sexual activity totaled is quite low, but over the past 8 years of sexual activity, i've been with i think 25 guys and 3 women
A: i've only been fucked 3 times, and i topped only twice, the rest was blowjobs:P
C: where do u meet these people ?
C: online? gay bars?
A: i'm not a bar/club person, mostly online or phone dating services
A: lol, this is disturbing:P
C: oh phone dating services
C: is that a local store thingy?
A: there is the "people store", and another one i used to use
C: and question, you always use protection i hope, and blowjobs - you just take the risk they are not diseased ? :)
A: i haven't used either in about 2-3 years
A: haven't always used protection, was very lucky, now i carry condoms everywhere
A: have 2 flavored ones in my backpack
A: strawberry and coca-cola:P
A: dental dams are a pain in the ass, and even flavored latex tastes weird,
A: anyways, i'm not interested in one night stands anymore, haven't had any sort of sex with a guy for about a year
C: ok so basically the blowjobs are just by luck that they are not diseased?
A: yes, but how many ppl do yopu know who have gotten cold sores? i get them, everyone i know gets them:P
A: i don't get warts or rashes, but i occasionally get a cold sore
C: i mean like can't aids be transmitted through blowjob?
A: think about this, I wasn't told anything about gay sex, so I experimented and took risks
C: are these people you meet via dating services really good looking or just moderate?
C: oh ok
A: if you have bleeding gums and the cum gets in the wounds, yes
A: but aids and other deseases die once they hit your stomache acid
A: they say it's a bad idea to brush your teeth before oral sex, cause the brushing can open small tears in your cums
A: I just use mouthwash
A: rent the movie "Jeffrey", it's hilarious, and heartwarming, and they manage to promote safe sex without it sounding like an after school special *gags*
A: oops, missed that question:P There are great looking guys, some young, most are older
C: lol
C: so you end up with pedophiles?
A: I had a daddy fetish when I was first starting, so I went with older guys, I don't do that anymore
A: pedophilia is under diagnosed, I'm 25, I still look at pics of 18yo's, I'll probably still be looking at them when I'm 50
A: it goes in reverse, I've met several 16-20yo's who love older men, there is a fetish for everything
C: lol
C: well now we know why catholic priests molest boys :)
A: ever fucked a watermelon? tried it with a guy, it was interesting. he likes fucking fruit and veggies
A: the priesthood is an agency that allows sex offenders to "start over", but really they just turn their eyes away, and let them get their jollies off
A: most of the kids feel threatened and confused by it, but i've met a few guys who liked it
A: no one should use sex as a weapon, but your own perception of sex, will cloud intent
A: i guess what i'm trying to say, is this, if you're curious, try it. if you don't like it, now you know, and you never have to do it again.
C: lol
A: watermelons are very cold inside, btw


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