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12:06 am - 03.12.04
random thoughts
The fridge is vanquished, along with my cheese *sad face*

But it has been replaced by a sagasious spacious heavenly fridge, that makes odd gurgling noises. But you can fit a six-pack in the door, so it's worth it.

And Mom replaced my cheese, so all is good. Even better actually, the old fridge contained a bag of 5 cheese mix, and my Mom found a bag of 6 cheese mix, so my cheese sacrifices will begin again soon.

Speaking of cheese, I was watching a great cartoon, "Totally Spies", and they had to infiltrate this cheerleading confrence. There was a group of cheerleaders from Wisconsin, this was their cheer:

"Wisconsin is where we're from,
we like cheese, but we're not dumb!"

On the way home from grocery shopping, there was this lady talking on her cellphone in her SUV, fucking ignorant cunts! I saw her license plate, 133-DFB. I thought of what the letters stand for, Dumb Fucking Bitch!

At the play the other night, I wrote down some good quotes, here's one.

"I'm the best version of me, so far."

Lastly, I'd like to leave you with a fortune cookie:

"Be confident in your own lovability..."

Lucky Numbers 2, 14, 18, 27, 30, 45


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