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8:40 pm - 04.16.04
margarate thatcher portraight
I think everyone should have a picture of Margate Thactcher on their wall, like I do. I found it in Reader's Digest.

She's sitting on an antique chair, and behind her, this is interesting, on either side are 2 ornate egg statues (probably Fabrige' knockoffs), two candle sticks, and two lamps. Everything a twin of the other. It's a very balanced portraight, very ordered. I bet she spent hours trying to find the right arrangement.

She's wearing pearl earings, and a pearl necklace. She has to rings on, one on each finger. One of the rings is like this blue sapphire, surrounded my intricate silver. The other ring is a simple silver band. On her right wrist is a bracelet of various precious stones, fitted together with a gold wire.

She wears a heavy navy blue suit, with round shiny goldish buttons going straight down from her neck. She doesn't show any signs of breasts. One of the buttons is off center, maybe it belongs to a belt? The button above the belt, is turn slightly, and is catching a glare. I'm sure Ms. Thatcher would've been preturbed by this, if she had known.

On her left shoulder is a small circular broach. It's a flower design, with gold beads floating in the center of each petal. It's not a very remarkable piece, it's very simple. So it may have been a gift, or something her mother passed on to her when she was a little girl.

She would've been so surprised. One day her mother is getting ready to go to some boring social fuction, and she's trying on various earrings, and combing her beautiful dark hair. Young Margarate, sensing that her mother would be leaving soon, would come into her mother's dressing room, and sneak up behind her. Hypnotised by her mother combing the waves of deep auburn away from her face. Her mother would see her in the mirror, and turn and smile.

But she was a proper woman, her mother was, so she would scold Margarate for being up so late. Margarate would look down, ashamed that she had destroyed her mother's lovely smile. But she did not move. Instead she'd tiptoe up to the vanity table, and one hand would slowly wander up to the top. In the candle light, a glint of shine caught her eye, she reached for it, and brought down to her, a small gold flower, with beads all around.

Mother might look again, and smile, but quickly go back to muttering about it being a little bauble she was given a long time ago.

The young girl would turn it around in her hands, looking through it, and seeing her mother's face through the flower.

Mother would say off hand, "If you would like it, you may have it? Becareful not to prick yourself when you put it on."

And Margarate would be so pleased, cherishing this token of love, instilling it with magical powers. That if she wore it, she would be transformed into a beautiful queen.

So the broach is a memento of her mother, or perhaps she found it in a plastic egg, in a gumball machine?

In this sudden urge to be young and foolish again, she might bed over, place a quarter, or whatever coin equivalent that is required in England. And she would turn the rusty, cast iron crank, feeling the inner workings of gears and levers of the childish mechanism, and the rool and clunk of something falling into the slot. She lifts the door, and pulls out the clear plastic egg. Looks to see if anyone is watching, then cracks open the package. Inside is a small, plastic, gold-coloured flower pin.

She knows immediately that it is an ancient royal broach from distant lands, that she must wear it, and honor it. That it may transform her into a great queen with it's magical power.

She might giggle quietly to herself, and put the pin on her coat.


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