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7:29 pm - 05.04.04
I wanna be a Rhinette
My computer is being a bastard again. Internet barely lets me stay on. Some programs have mysteriously disappeared. I ran a Norton scan, it found nothing. It updated itself, got all the latest bug info, and still nothing.

So I made yet another backup disk, I'm up to 8 now.

I set up some more Tarot classes, I'll have the details here soon. Mom's coming back on Friday.

I'll be going to a dinner party and going to see "Van Helsing" on Friday too.

Last night there was a meeting about the situation at my apartment complex. I went, stood up and talked, and got my name in the paper!

That's always cool.

"If a sick man dreams of marriage, he will die." -Greek Proverb

I watched "Death To Smoochy" today, very odd movie. Dark comedy, with some kill Barney revenge scenarios. Look for Ed Norton in a big pink Rhino suit, and Robin Williams doing a broadway dance number. You begin to realise as youre watching this film how totally fuckable Ed Norton is.

I gotta go watch the end of "Fraser"


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