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12:25 am - 05.08.04
keep your hands on your desk, young man
Mom is home from her California trip, she had a great time. :)

I was at a dinner party with friends tonight, and I noticed that women tend to put their hands in their laps when sitting down, and us men usually either rest our hands on the chair arm-rests or on the table.

And because my mind usually connects everything to sex, I wonder if the reason why men don't put their hands on their lap's is because they have dicks, and they don't want people to think they're playing with themselves?

I certainly feel uncomfortable placing my hands anywhere near my crotch when I'm in public. We feel this societal pressure on us, I think, that everyone expects us to just whip it out and start masturbating in the middle of waiting in line at Mc Donald's, which most men don't do, because we don't want to live up to society's expectations, even though most men do think about whipping they dick out in public.

I know you don't, cause you're weird.

But I do. I think public nudity would solve a lot of problems. It would be strange and awkward for the first few years if public nudity suddenly became legal, but optherwise our view on body image would change drastically.

Who would be the first on your block to walk out the front door, letting it all hang out?

I know I would. ;)


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