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12:36 am - 05.16.04
House sitting for Bob n' Jane
Hullo, I'm house sitting this weekend for Bob n' Jane. They have two very sweet little pomeranian doggies, Lilly and Drake.

I'll be here until tomorrow afternoon.

Last thursday I went to the Healing School, which is the same as the Holistic Wellness Center, and Dave was teaching a workshop on metaphysics.

He gave us homework, which I haven't done yet, I'll try to do it tomorrow.

Our assignment is to sit at a table, with a lighted candle in front of us, and try to concentrate on the flame. Everytime something distracts us, we're to mark it on a sheet of paper. We are to do this 10min a day, because after 10min your brain will start to zone out. He says most ppl come back with a sheet filled with thousands of marks, but over time you'll get it down to less than a hundred. Then the marks will increase again, cause your perceptions will grow, you'll be able to sense things going on around town, in your state, country, then across the sea! And you don't have to use a candle, it could be the second hand of a clock, or something else with repitive quick motion.

The next day I went to help Dave and Dawn to move whatever we could get out of Dave's house in Kenosha. Today was the close date, meaning that the realtors are claiming whatever is left in the house. So we had to get out as much as possible.

Dawn was being really annoying near the end. The van was full, and we were running out of straps to tie things down on the trailer, and she kept finding things in the house that we "had" to take. Dave made a good point, that he doesn't want to know what he's leaving behind.

We finally got on the road, and we were all praying to the angels to guide us home safe and protect the cargo.

When we got back to Dawn's house, I checked the trailor, and one of the straps had snapped off, but everything was still on the trailer!

This Wednesday is the first meeting of the Cartomancy Collective. A group I started for card readers. We'll be meeting at Michaelangelo's Coffee House (114 State St, Madison), at 6:30pm. I'll be staying until 8:30-9pm. I created a Yahoo group as well, and already we have 4 members, most of them are local, so I hope to meet them.

The first of the 4 Intuitive Tarot classes I have coming up, is this Saturday at Dawn F.'s house. I didn't get much time to do very much advertising, so I have a feeling it won't be happening. I can run around on Monday and put up fliers.

It's late here, so I'm off to bed.

Happy Birthday Christina :)


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