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1:49 am - 05.18.04
Justin Story
It's one of those nights,
when I want to run down your skin like a torrent
caressing each angle that seduced my attention...
To rain down into the valleys of your creativity
and whisper my praise
into the shell of your ear
as you lay sleeping.
It's one of those nights
when I want to lie naked
enthralled by the beauty of you
and when I miss you most of all.

-Enymph 5-04

He stands there naked in the rain, water flowing down over his muscles. Heavy wet blond hair covers his eyes, but I know those sparkling blue gems are there, like polished sodalite, they glimmer and burn into my soul.

Is he real? I ask myself.

He grins and reaches out a hand towards me. Something in my mind snaps, and I walk towards him. My heart pounding, begging my legs to stop. My cock twitches alive, hardening with each step. It knows what is to follow.

The rain is warm agaist my skin, tickling down into my clothes. My shirt begins to melt as if painted on my body, my pants and shoes too begin to disolve. His hand touches my skin, his touch is electric energy shooting into me pleasure and hot energy. His palm caresses my side, around my back, pulling my into his body. I don't resist, not as wet and naked as he.

We are both erect, our cocks meet first, each rubbing together lengthwise as our bodies move together.

Then a kiss, soft first, then hard. A knowing kiss, a kiss that understands my face. Our faces locked together, going deeper, hands wandering over taut flesh, our hearts pound against eachother's ribs. Something in my mind is screaming, a deep hunger roaring for a sacrifice.

His body is warm smooth, long arms wrapt around me. The feel of his firm buttocks excites my hands, the sensations of tight curves and hot wet openings. I push into him, his moaning approval gives into more fingers forcing themselves into his tight hole. I long to feel my cock inside of him. To push my body into his.

I move around his face, down his neck, pausing a moment to bit his shoulder. I can smell his lust through the rain, I can taste his anticipation. I stare at his chisled chest, two mounds of hard flesh, peaked with two chocolate brown kisses, hard and erect waiting to be sucked.



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