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2:59 am - 05.18.04
Intuitive Tarot Workshops
Here is the complete schedule for all my upcoming classes:

Intuitive Tarot Workshop

Sat, May 22 10am-4pm at Dawn Feneht's House, 5210 Dorsett Dr, Madison

Sat, June 12 10am-4pm at Dawn Feneht's House, 5210 Dorsett Dr, Madison

Sat, June 13 10am-4pm at The Healing School, 1132 Emerald Terrace, Sun Prarie

Sat, June 19 10am-4pm at Mimosa Books and Gifts, 260 W. Gilman St, Madison

The archetypes of the tarot will be the focus of this workshop lead by Andrew Donald. To insure that individual instruction is optimized, class size will be limited to eight people. A 78 card Tarot deck is required for this class, the Rider-Waite Tarot, by A. E. Waite and Pamela Coleman-Smith; one of the most common Tarot decks and great for beginners, can be found at most new age shops and major bookstores. Please insure that the deck is in sequential order before arriving at the workshop.

Both beginner and advanced level readers will benefit from this workshop as Andrew Donald, a professional Intuitive Reader, will provide the participant an insight into the messages that come through the sub-conscious mind through the imagery of this ancient form of divination.

A cost of $60 has been arranged for this six-hour workshop, a one-hour break will be provided for lunch on your own. There are several restaurants located nearby. The Workshop will begin promptly at 10:00 AM and end formally at 4:00 PM; participants are encouraged to remain after the workshop to share the experience of reading the tarot for others. A sheet of Tarot spreads will be provided to practice with and take home.

Please contact Andrew to pre-register or get directions to the workshops:

Please contact Mimosa to pre-register for the workshop on June 19th:


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