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12:28 am - 05.20.04
coffee tastes like ass
The busses are talking in Madison
chocolate coyotes have gone extinct
hotel lobies are signs and elevators
university libraries are creepy stacks
automatic lights give view to cold study cells
Daniel peers at me from cover of german book
he's young beautiful that ripe innocence I regret
chastity belts half broken
cutting into my flesh
my cock was beaten and tortured
no wonder I enjoy the teeth marks
my skull has caved in
holes in my head breathe deep loss
mysterious long cut on left arm
like a bad surgery
Turtle looks after his lover
will I look after mine?
Morganna Arcanna
lights the stage
moose stands vigil
no one comes
no one comes to play cards
the Osama family
wants to build a skyscraper
taller than the one
they helped kill
only in America


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