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10:38 pm - 05.29.04
Sign a Petition to STOP E-Voting Machines!
This is the information age, the internet is and will continue to be the future of communication. But as with any new discovery, humanity is far to quick to conquer it. The internet can still be manipulated and spied on too easily, these computer/internet based machines are just puppets for the powers that be. Already the Electoral College has the power to push the red and blue sides to whatever whim they like; don't give the cannidates that power as well. George and Jeb and others, took advantage of the old voting system, if they can get away with it again, for 4 more years, they will try! Let the individual have their say in the next vote, allow us to trust the voting process, to again have faith in our government. History has shown us that the majority of one state voted for cannidate 1, but the Electoral College somehow decides that cannidate 2 wins. Don't let these E-Machines do the same. Give us back our vote! Give us the right to choose.

We must act now to ensure that our voting systems produce accurate and verifiable results. Some states are planning to use machines that will not allow voters to verify their choices. This means that any flaws in the machine or software will never be caught -- and no recount will be possible.

And the head of the largest e-voting machine company -- who is a major contributor to George Bush and has promised to deliver Ohio to him -- asks that we just trust him.

Today we call on Congress and the states to require any electronic voting machine used in this election to produce a paper trail -- one that allows voters to verify their choices and officials to conduct recounts.

Click HERE to sign this petition.


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