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2:36 pm - 06.06.04
Horoscopes June 2004
The Healing Center is putting out newsletters, and I will be doing the Horoscopes. So here's the one for the month of June.



The arriving Summer Solstice will fuel your passions and creativity. Now is the moment to let your dreams take flight, a wider view on the playing field will allow you to figure how better to reach your destination. Allow a friend to keep you grounded though, or you will burn the bridges you intend to cross. Fire and Earth is your ally this month, but be careful of strong winds pushing you off course.


June will be a popular month for you. Look for admiration from family and friends, and advancement at work. People are finally taking notice of your accomplishments. With this newfound confidence, take a risk in your relationship. Tell them honestly how you feel. Your heart is overflowing this month, so share the joy with others.


When are you going to stop hiding? Get outside and tell the world about your ideas. I know you have plenty of them, so share them. The people are ready to hear you. Be direct and honest; don't let your fear hold you back. Life's soapbox is waiting for you to jump up and speak your mind.


Be open to criticism this month, yet not to the point of insult. You have learned a great deal since last year, now it is time to apply that knowledge. A trip to visit friends or family will improve your health, and they may be able to offer insight into your life situation. Listen with an open heart; you will know the best advice to follow.


Leo, this will be your month for letting go. Fear and paranoia will slow you down, let go of obstacles, let faith be your guide. Release yourself to the calming waters, flow past walls and barriers, they are nothing without fear. Open your heart to the beauty around you; love is ready to embrace you.


This is your month to explore and conquer your goals. The earth is laid out before you, all doors are open and all paths are free. Look into your heart, know where you want to go, and you will make it happen. Career is a wishing well of possibility, ask and ye shall receive. Grounding is also important, to maintain your health, so bring your foundation with you on your journeys.


Look to the stars for a sign, a wish or dream will be fulfilled soon. You will be meeting someone soon who may offer advancement in your career or a romantic encounter. Listen to your heart when taking offers, many paths are open to you now, but not every one is right for you.


If you have a mental health issue or a substance addiction, now is the time to seek help. Your relationships or career may be suffering because of it. Healing is a long hard road, but you have a strong network of people to guide you along the way. Major life changes are coming your way, yet the results will bring you love and good health for years to come.


Great opportunities to learn and teach are coming to your doorstep. But your own self worth may prevent you from seeing them. Get outside, travel, and explore your self through the beauty of nature. Don't be afraid of confronting your demons, they are the ones who beat you down. Life is giving you the key to your dreams, take it!


Your goals have manifested before your feet, so why are you just staring at them? Reach out and take them, claim your goals. The people you will be meeting soon will offer you more opportunities. Roads you have walked in the past will be renewed. This is your month for second chances.


You and a friend or lover will be having a grand adventure this summer. Your fair-haired companion will bring joy, laughter, and a handy dose of resourcefulness on your trip. Look for promising business ventures and vast landscapes of possibility. Don't worry about which road to take; getting lost won't be a problem on this trip.


Chin up, this summer sun will melt away all your fears and anxieties. Just when life seems the darkest, a light will shine through giving you the hope you have been praying for. Your goals may seem foggy now, but expect the mists to clear by the end of the month. Love is stronger than fear, you will survive this.


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