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8:42 pm - 06.08.04
Venus Transit

A remarkable thing is occurring in the heavens today. Venus, the planet of love, is crossing between the Earth and the Sun for the first time in 122 years!

Astrologically, we know that Venus plays an important role in all relationships, but especially romantic love. Venus' passage across the Sun on June 8th gives the area of romantic interest a boost of extra energy. On the love front, this can heat up our passions or intensify romantic dramas. Since Venus is kissing the Sun with both of them in the playful sign of Gemini, the mood can be more upbeat and flirtatious than usual. The next few weeks is an exceptionally good time to focus on romantic encounters!

Note: Nobody living today has ever witnessed this rare celestial event. The last Venus transit of the Sun occurred in 1882, also with much fanfare. American composer John Philip Souza was so inspired that in 1882-83 he wrote a march named “Venus Transit.” The founding of the worldwide postal system and the completion of the Atlantic telegraph cable both occurred during the Venus transit in 1874, enabling communication across the globe. And, during a prior transit in 1761, scientists around the world collaborated and used their observations of Venus to figure out the distance from the Earth to the Sun. This was the first global collaboration in the history of science! Let's hope that the transit of Venus now can help bring peace and unity to our fractured world.


I missed this event, cause it was too cloudy here. Maybe I'll get the one in 2012? If the world doesn't end according to the Mayan calendar, that is.


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