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8:55 pm - 06.08.04
My Pipes Are Clean!

I went to the AIDS Network today with Madeline to get tested for STD's. The receptionist was this very handsome blond man, with muscled arms, darling face, soft blue eyes; basically exactly my type.

But it got better, the guy who tested me, Sean, OH MY GOD! WHAT A BABE! He has those naughty flirty eyes like Jai of Q-Eye.

Anyways we talked about gay movies until the test was done.

I'm happy, I feel better now. I wasn't ever really worried, it was just this "what if?" hanging in the air.

Anyways, they can do 2 tests, the finger prick, or the oral swab. I went for the Prick test, cause it only takes 20min.

I didn't have to pay anything either.

So if you're wondering if you have anything, contact your local AIDS Network, they can help you find a test site.

Before Madeline arrived, I waited inside a music store, and drooled over a bunch of great stuff. I finally decided on the Best of Harry Belafonte Vol. 1. And there was a box of Free CD's on the counter so I grabbed one by a group called Gypsy Soul. I haven't listened to it yet, but I did look through the lyrics and it looks good. They also do a cover of Scarborough Fair on there too.

Did you know they make banana flavored condoms?


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