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9:56 pm - 06.09.04
house-sitting endoplasmic reticulum
Diland is really fucking crabby!

For the second time....

I will be house-sitting for Dawn & Peter again, between June 10-20. They have internet and a hot tub, so all will be well.

I found this in an email from my new friend Michelle:

But one of the quotes I hold most dearly in my heart is something a friend of mine and I came up with at some point. We had a lot of weird synchronistic thought processes from time to time, like the time I came in to work after having had biology or something that day and said, man, I have this WORD stuck in my head and it won't go away (BTW- that ever happen to anyone else?) and someone asked me what it was and I told them- "endoplasmic reticulum" - and it turned out it was that dude's favorite word and he even said he thought it would make a cool name for a band (whatever, right, but he was a really cool guy other than that LOL)... Anyway we jointly created the phrase, "There's no such thing as free sex unless you're in vacation in Zimbabwe and you say your name is Bob." Bless his dear eighties hairband lovin', Trans Am drivin' heart. *sigh*



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