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2:40 am - 06.18.04
the profoundness of what if

Profoundess strikes again!

This time in What If 1.

16. What if you woke up one morning, and you were bald?

"i would draw flowers on my head"



From Whatif2, just cause it's friggin' hilarious:

21.How would you like to die? Would it be simple and quiet? Or would you go out laughing, spurting blood everywhere? Be creative...

"laughing and spurting blood???? ok, why not. how about, im in this big ass car crash where i do 20 rolls, crash through 2 houses, and end up with my car litterally wrapped around a wooden telephone pole. a wire comes loose and snaps with such force that it cuts through whats left of the roll cage and gets me right across my exposed neck, i lie there bleeding to death thinking about how this all happened because i avoided hitting a fish in the middle of the road and instead ran over a bananna peel and ended up spinning out of control"


"I'd like to trip and fall in front a bunch of people, so for a second they laugh and then their laughter will be cut off by the sudden realization that I've broken my neck" -sourgirl420

"i'd die in battle, wand out, flinging curses at everyone who gets in my way." -sarah122185

"I would die laughing with an axe in my funny bone because it tickles like hell ha ha ha ha ha i kill myself" -tigger-gurl

"I would like to die of a self induced drug overdose,where my lungs explode shooting blood everywhere." -flyingdreams

"I would be a loud one, I would want something brutal happen, like maybe be stabbed and then like beaten to death. I would laugh evilly and crawl a lot untill i was finally dead." -Caiw

"in my sleep, dreaming about care bears" -feffie

"i want to die having sex on the fire escape of the club-nice, in london. i want to be wearing a slinky sexy light lilac sequin disco dress with white fishnets and pink silettos. he wears a white or black t-shirt, tight jeans with holes and paint on them, and flip flops. he holds me like slow-motion, as i slip through him and through time. taste me. i'm dead." -lollipoprock

"i'd like to die in mid air, over a large crowd, tied to a bunch of explosives and fireworks, at 12 midnight for new years" -daryn-draven

"i would love to die while getting laid. perhaps in a bomb blast that kills us both so the other person isn't traumatized. and something so quick i never even knew it happened" -sexyatheist

"One word... HANNIBAL" -toleratethis


Even more profoundness from Whatif2:

4. Do you have any pets? Any creature in the universe, or myth can be your pet...

"my pet is a long stem lily" -lollipoprock


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