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4:53 am - 06.18.04
"homosexual act"
I just had an argument with someone, I don't wanna say who. I don't really remember how we even got started on it, but we did. And now my perceptions of her have changed. Suddenly her dismissive attitude during my sexual evolution, makes perfect sense.

This is the gist. Her stance is because of majority belief and/or religious dogma, that anal sex is a "homosexual act". Based on the logic that the majority of gay male couples have anal sex, so it is a "homosexual act".

But as I pointed out, this logic is flawed, because a man and a woman can have anal sex, and they're not homosexual. Two men, that are heterosexual, who are fantasising about women, engage in anal sex with eachother (an odd fetish, but not entirly unlikely), are they homosexual?

By Her defintion they are, because anal sex is considered a homosexual act done by homosexuals.

But by my logic, it's just two men, straight or otherwise, having anal sex. They may or may not be gay or bisexual, but the kind of sex shouldn't label them.

The same with a man and a woman having vaginal intercourse, that sexual act shouldn't be labled as "heterosexual". Two women, using a strap-on dildo can simulate vaginal intercourse. Again they may just be two straight women exploring, or they may be lesbians, or whatnot. But the sex act shouldn't be automatically labled as "heterosexual", just because the majority of straight couples have that kind of sex.

If you don't agree with this, that's cool. But I want to know why?

She used the weak argument that it's in the Bible and dictionary.

The Bible does mention "sodomy", and sex between same sex couples, and marriage between same sex couples; but because of several translations, and hidden or ommitted sections, the Bible is nolonger a book you can count on. I have done the research, there is reasonable doubt whether or not homosexuality is looked upon as a sin in the christian god's eyes.

Other religious cultures have an open mind to it, so it's not so black and white.

Getting into another area of dispute, she doesn't want homosexuals to have a marriage under god. She supports a legal marriage, and committment ceremonies. But by her view, gay marriage is a sin in the eyes of god.

In the time I have known her, she never presented this view. She was always misunderstanding when I was trying to figure out my sexuality, she always thought I was just gay, that I couldn't love women. She would always joke when ever I talked about my desires to be with women. Even when I wrote an entry about my first experiance with a woman, she thought is was some dream or fantasy I wrote down.

I am a sexual being. Why do you feel the urge to label me gay, straight, bisexual? Why can't I be just a sexual person? And why does the kind of sex I have, have to be labeled? It just doesn't make sense.

I don't know if this enough. I don't know if I can accept this. The god you stand so strongly by, would tell me to turn the other cheek, and just love you. To let you go on and have your views.

But I don't know if I can do that.

I mentioned another concept, that she didn't seem to pick up on. I'm on the other side of the fence now. She's the person we gay ppl are supposed to hate. We're supposed to label them bigots, because of their beliefs. But that's not right either.

So I don't know what to do.


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