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3:47 pm - 08.18.04
Everybody Wants a Water Buffalo
Last Friday I went to a hot air balloon show (a pamela anderson show?), with Mary. We were going for the free She-Daisey concert. But before that we looked at the venders, and drooled over carnival food, and walked through an exotic animal petting zoo. Basically it was a bunch of goats, ostriches, those things that look like ostriches, llamas, those other things that look like llamas, a water buffalo, an invisable lion, kangaroos, and those tiny kangaroos which aren't called kangaroos but look exactly like kangaroos, camels, donkeys, and a zebra.

There was a horrifying sign above the zebra cage.


One mother nearly yanked her kid's arm out of it's socket as the kid offered it's meaty hand with goat food pellets. Not like the zebra cared, it had urine soaked hay to eat.

Mary and I were both broke that day, she had some money, and she bought herself a gyro (hero), like in Geraldo, HER-RALDO.

Just wanted to correct you people who say Celtic like it begings with an S.


I'd like to send the whole of Boston over to Ireland and see how long they'll survive among the "Seltic People".


Later on we went in search of cotton candy, and no one was selling it!!! This is quintisential carnival food! So she bought a Bavarian Creme Funnel Cake.

It was this round piece of fry bread having a bad dough day, with a gob of vanilla puddin' in the center.

I have no idea why it's called a funnel cake, it was phenomonally good, but not very funnel-like?

Finally the bad country band with the stupid name got off the stage, and the 3 chicks whom I know nothing about got on. Mary likes them. They have great voices, great bodies, and they know how to work a crowd. But I have no interest in their music.

None of their songs grabbed me, so I stared at the cute guitar boys in tha background. One guy played the violin, and this tiny guitar, it was bigger than a ukelele, but smaller than a lute, so I have no idea what that was.

This other guy who played the accoridian was a real charmer, he could really groove with that thing.

So the tall blond chick at the end was not with the trio. The other two were working the crowd, giving creedo to the band and everyone; but not the blond. She was miffed about something, and was breaking the #1 cardinal rule, don't bring your life on stage! If you 3 had a cat fight, fine, the other two knew well enough to leave it behind, but not this dumb blond chick, killing the vibes for everyone.

I'm off on a tirade today, cause I'm wearing my lucky blue underwear and I just got two job offers, one for a joint reading for my friend Hannah, and also to have a booth setup at Pagan Pride Day! So the criticisms gonna flow, cause I'm feeling goood!

On Sunday, I went to a MUFON meeting with Mary in Milwaukee and met a very cute gay boy, yes another one. I have his email, so I'm probably going to email him soon.

MUFON is a network of people who research and investigate UFO's, and the new term is Unconventional Flying Objects.

I used to study this stuff obsessively, but I haven't for many years.

Anywho, I think Steph might be talking to me again. A long while back we got into a big fight over responsibility and it was differant than any fight we had had before.

Afterwartds her writting style changed, then she kept moving her diary or locking it, so I just stopped trying to find her. I figured she was still writing, maybe under a differant name, and when she was ready she would come find me.

Welcome back. :)


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