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1:50 am - 09.04.04
thank you!
10. Would you have sex with George Bush Jr. for a million dollars?

Sure. Know why? Because I get a million dollars, and Dubya gets thrown into jail because I'm a minor. How wonderful.

-Color Me Odd

Yess! Great answer!

You did pick Harry Potter as a book to live in, just as everyone else did, but you were the first to acknowledge what a dangerous world it can be!

I think LOTR is a fantastic story, but I wouldn't want to live it. Evil about to overcome the world, magic fading, mankind taking over, orcs and other beasties attacking your village, killing everyone you ever loved and cared for? Yeah, sounds like great fun. Sure, you could be an elf, living forever, having a truly beautiful and honest connection with life and nature, living forever, never dying, slowly fading away as fewer and fewer parts of the world believe in you.

Or you could be a hobbit, blind in your ignorance, eventually having to move because mankind is quickly burning your forests down, wasting your lands, spreading disease and corruption.

Harry Potter is no picnic either. It's still school, it's still knowing you're an incredible person inside and having to hide it because the real world wouldn't understand. Sure you could cast a few spells, do some real good for the world, but then some evil warlock beastie would cast some bad spells, and of course you'd think it was Professor Snape, but it never is.

Feh, I gotta poop.


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