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6:06 pm - 09.13.04
life is chocolate
Hello, I'm at Madeline's house helping her get ready for her move to France.

It's so exciting, I'll miss her terribly, but think of all the experiances she will have. I'm so happy that she's taking this chance!

I also saw Lisa Marie on the bus, which is funny, cause I usually only run into her on the bus. And that's when our friendship really began, was on the bus.

I'm writting stories again, in notebooks. I'm not questioning the muse, just excepting whatever comes to me.

Life is changing, life is wise, life is better, life is chocolate.

I've decided I'm going to write a book about Madison, WI, my hometown, in which I live.

I'll tell you all more later.

I love you Stephie, Jenny, and Kayla!


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