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2:52 pm - 09.15.04
I saw John Kerry Speak.
I went to see John Kerry speak today.

After I had left, a woman on the bus was talking about the rally. She said she had never gotten involved with an election before. She would vote, but that's about it. She felt this election was differant though, that it was important to be involved.

I agree. Voting is our right, and right now we need every voter.

It would be awesome if every American voted for Kerry, yet I can honestly say I'd be happy if every american voted for somebody, even Bush. We are given the right to make a choice. Even with the Electoral College, somewhere in there, our voices are heard.

I wanted to see him, to hear him. I wanted to be an active voice just once.

I have a cardboard sign, the campaigners were randonly handing them out. It says, "Fighting for Affordable Healthcare".

There were so many cute guys there, omigawd!

Oh! And a free concert by Sheryl Crow too! She did 4 songs before Kerry came on stange. All I Wanna Do, A Change Would Do You Good, Everyday Is A Winding Road, and ummm, I forget the other.

I was way in the back, so all I could see was her blondish head ever so often.


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