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12:23 pm - 09.21.04
charlie boy mimosa blues
Augh, I'm sooo tired.

I bumped into Ray H. on the street. In the previous incarnation of this diary, I had written about a weekend he had stayed at my place. We never actually had sex, I really really really REALLY wanted to, and so did he, but he was drunk and just got kicked out of his boyfriend's trailer. I didn't want to take advantage of him. He's had a horrible life of being used and abused. And I guess I didn't want to be used and abused myself.

So he's back in town, still fucking hot. Maybe this time something will happen, I don't know. I'm lonely, horny, and starving for male affection....I don't know if he could handle that?

Mimosa is under new ownership again. Beth and Jim sent out an email saying they brought on two friends of theirs to be "co-owners", but I know that's just a transitionary term. I feel so angry and hurt every time I go there. I fucked up, and now my heart hurts everytime I see that place.

There's a tortiseshell cat that wanders past our patio door in the morning, and today I got her to come inside! I've been working on trying to get her to come closer, and today she felt comfortable enough to let me pet her. It felt good to be close to a girl kitty again. Their energy is differant than all the boy cats I know. She doesn't have any tags, which is terribly irresponsible for the owners. I'm thinking she's not a stray, cause she seems healthy, and friendly enough that she's been with people, plus she's always in the area of our apartment complex. I'm guessing also that whoever owns her, lives on the first floor. I think some morning I might give her a bit of milk. I would give Charlie milk every few weeks, just so her stomache didn't get too upset.

I want a boy friend, a cat, and a job at a spiritual bookstore.


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