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11:18 am - 09.26.04
Pagan Origami

It just isn't easy for you to relinquish control. You will, however, come out ahead if you can just ease the restrictions on yourself. Someone is coming into your life who will be important to you. They recognize your potential and are encouraging you to do something that you've been uncertain about. You're going to have to make a conscious decision to relinquish some control. Let go and listen.

General Daily Overview
It's a really big day as combative Mars enters Libra and finally conjoins expansive Jupiter pushing us beyond our normal limits. Optimism may be wonderful, but too much of a good thing can be problematic. Since Jupiter is also the planet of opinions, we may see overexcited people attacking each other's beliefs without listening. Quicksilver Mercury is alchemically active today as he shuttles energy over to serious Saturn. Although we may be overly enthusiastic from the Mars-Jupiter alignment, what we are saying will tend to be conservative.

So much racing through my head. Pagan Pride Day was awesome! I talked to so many people, met with friends I haven't seen in ages, and hopefully interested more people to join my Cartomancy group.
I met this man, Will, I got it this time, that mutual connection thing, not with Gerrit or that MUFON guy, so I don't know what to think or feel. Then I read the above horoscope, so yeah, I don't know.
Jen emails me, telling me she ranted about religion and I might be offended, so then I read the above General Overview, and that's all about that.
I'm not a preachy person, so I hope I didn't inspire any of this?
And Origami was awesome too, we got over 800 done! That's incredible since our goal was 1000. That leaves about 1200 to do today. I might go over today, but I also wanted to go see Sky Captain. I like watching movies on Sundays.
I just felt this intense something with Will, that he felt like a real genuine person. It wasn't the "I felt like I've known you forever", naw, it was just this connection. I think we connected the strongest when I was talking about the cards, and he had some insights too, I've been looking for somewone who rewally gets the cards, who understands how they mirror myself.
I'll be writting about another Jen soon too, so I don't know what to do about that.
Then this Thursday I may be going to Hyndla's house for a Tarot Study Group.
I can write enough about how wonderful this weekend was. Oh and Celia was there too! That was great, I gave her a reading, her first ever Tarot reading! She's starting a project soon here in Madison, and I'm going to be a part of it.
So much has happened, so much, I need to get my website out there, I was afraid I didn't have enough info to put on it, but I do, I really really do!
I am so jazzed up right now.
And! Last night after Ruthane and all were cleaning up the origami stuff, I was going to call a cab, and they were too, but since the Badger game just got out, all of the Taxi lines were busy!
So I went back to tell them, then my new friend Jeanie whom I met earlier at Pagan Pride, stopped by to say hello before her anf her husband went home, and I asked her if she had enough room in their car for the 3 of us, and actually she has a van, and they just put back the seats, so there would be room for all of us! The Universe is so awqesome!!!
So she gave ius each a ride home, and I got to talk to Jeanie some more, which was very cool, she's such a nice warm spirit, her husband Bill was neat too.
If you do what you love, the Universe repays you.


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