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1:25 pm - 10.01.04
0 The Fool
He looks out over the mountains, to the far off ocean, he teeters on the edge of a cliff, the very edge of his world, the farthest he has ever travelled before.
He wears nothing for his quest, having faith Mother will provide. He carries only a walking stick, and wears a raven feather in his wavy blond hair.
Blue eyes peer down to the bottom of the valley, he sees many things, an entire world he has never known. And far off in the distance a castle, of great size and beauty. He feels drawn there, like he may have been there in a dream.
He begins his difficult climb down to the valley, his first scars on his naked flesh, his first pain as he leaves his home behind. No thoughts of his beginings, only looking forward to the unknown.
A solitary tree branch, old and wretched, reaches out for him; but he has already gone.


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