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1:30 am - 10.02.04
miracles, miracles
My room blew up again.
If only I had some milk crates and a few strips of lumber, I could make myself a decent bed.
Jen 2 is coming over in 9 1/2 hours.
I have no clean clothes, and my room is a postapocalyptic nightmare.
Thunderstorms always make me want to create or destroy.
Mount St. Helens hiccuped yesterday. It was interesting, maybe it'll blow big, like it did in '84. If nobody died, that would be really cool.
On Wed. the flavor of the day at Culvers was "Volcano", how funny is that?
Grandmother is turning 90 soon, my Mom is going up to visit her later today. Grandma is slipping faster, she'll be gone soon. So it goes.
My Mom is doing her best 1950's denial routine, I know she's scared, but she's not going to deal with it until it happens.
Nobody wants to outlive anybody, no matter what, no matter what they may have done to you.
This death thing is getting old, but until we tap into that eternal whatnot, we will all be worm pinnacle some day. So it goes.


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