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8:35 pm - 10.12.04
wow, where did this come from?
"I'm not a member of any organised party. I'm a Democrat." -Will Rogers

Christopher Reeves died Monday night, from a bedsore. What a stupid fucking way to die! The Man of Steel, killed by a skin infection! So it goes.

He was a symbol of strength to so many, before and after his horse accident. And Fate decides to take him in such a stupid way. Atleast drop a building on him or something, make it dramatic.

I should tell you my Superman story. I used to have this Superman cup holder stand thingy, he had his arms out-stretched, and there were two holes in his hands. So I put a piece of bent wire in his hands, so it looked like he was bending it. He also had a tiny blue dot on his nose, which it seemed most of the comic hero toys did at the time. I'm not kidding, I've seen the toys, all the heroes have lil blue dots on their noses.
Anyway, Shannon was dating this stupid guy for a while, I don't remember his name, but he had a Superman fetish. He even wated to get the big S painted on the hood of his car. So me being a sentimental idiot, gave him the Superman toy. After him and Shannon broke up, she told me he used it to put his ciggarettes out on. I loved that lil toy.

But before I gave him the toy, I told him this story:

The Superman cupholder used to sit on a bookshelf with some of my other toys, well one day I was running around late for school, and I bumped the shelf, and Superman fell off. And I had an odd feeling about that, but I never thought anything more on it, until I got home. That was the day Christopher Reeves fell off the horse.

I tend to give precious things away to people I don't really know too well. I lost an awesom frog magnet to one of Chrissy's friends.

Stem Cell stuff is scary, I didn't really know what it was before. Apparently they would like to use brain stems from aborted babies! Now I understand the debates and fears.
We're entering a certain level of medical science, where animal trials are useless, human experimentation is already in place on a small scale, but it will get bigger. When modern medicine was first invented, "doctors" would operate on anyone, without anesthesia! They'd drink possible drugs themselves, and if they died, their notes would tell the next doctor what NOT to do. That age of medicine is coming again. When soon, to advance our knowledge, governments will sequester areas of the population to test, so the others may live. Prison inmates will beccome the next guinea pigs, and in some places that has already happened. You should read what the US government did during the Vietnam years, they tested possible bio-weapons on our own soldiers. Where do you think LSD came from?

America has beccome a dictatorship, a self-imposed policeman for the world.

I have dreams about a war, where America closes all of it's embassy's all over the world, and pulls back every american citizen living outside the US, and stronly urges all non-american citizens to leave it's borders.
Anyone who does not comply, beccome an instant enemy of America. With no worries left behind, America shuts down all harbours and coastal borders, it builds a wall of eyes and technology around the coutry. Alaska and Hawaii and the other separate american territores are told they are no longer part of the union. Canada and Mexico are watched with hawk eyes for any incoming threat.
While the illegal immigration and drug smuggling is cut dramatically, America strengthen's it's borders. No outside flights or travel of any kind, in or outcoming is permitted. America beccomes Big Brother, she locks her doors, in paranoia and fear. She will stand alone, protect her flock, and destroy anyone who opposes her rule. Like a virus, which attacks the nervous system, people voice their protest to the various governments; so America delares a nationwide Martial Law, the military takes charge.
The streets are dark, food and energy are restricted, entertainment has already been infiltrated years ago by propaganda and censorship, so has the media.

These are dark times in my dream, where the Constituition is locked away for it's protection, it cannot speak for itself, it cannot be heard; it lives on shadows and lies, hoping for a day it might see the light again.
Eventually America slips, falls, and triggers the end times, but the rest of the world cries for her people, and they push their lil red buttons, and goodbye America, land of the free, home of the chained.


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