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12:49 am - 10.13.04
Poodles 2008!
Tarot Bear: if Bush wins, I'm voting for Bill and Opus in 2008
Tarot Bear: they really shoulda won in 1989
Tarot Bear: a cat and penguin is what america needs
Tarot Bear: a litterbox in the oval office, ohhh yeah
will: bush need to retire in Tx...and tell his grandkids all about the time he was president
will: and leave the government to the democrats
Tarot Bear: leave it to the poodles!
Tarot Bear: y'know only the poodles really know what's going on
will: that the new gay democrats??
Tarot Bear: only the poofy gay democrats
will: there ys go
will: we HAD it time for POOFY
will: campaign slogan
Tarot Bear: with leather collars and tattooes of pink triangles on their ripped poodle stomaches


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