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5:56 am - 10.21.04
Don't let anyone tear you down
"I remember one time walking down a street and being approached by some "Christians" who were handing out those cheesy 5 cent pamphlets. They asked me if I were saved. I said yes. I said it was art and music that had saved me. They said I needed to "accept Jesus chirst as my personal lord and savior." So I told them that both of my parents were ministers and they let me belive what I want and be who I am. That made the "Christians" mad. I told them to fuck off and that Jesus didnt hand out phamplets, he helped people and loved them regardless of their differences. The manic street preachers looked confused as I walked away. I am everything they fear, I am a man who believes in himself and who doesn't need an outside reason to do so. I keep my eyes open and my mind sharp. My heart burns for all of you. Come in and burn with me. Life is cool. Don't let anyone tear you down."

-Matthew Meadows-Rogers-Crawford


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