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3:24 pm - 10.27.04
wonlee so wonlee
Cappy scope for today:

There is a world of difference between being in love and being loved. Surely it is wonderful when both happen simultaneously. If, however, you are experiencing one without the other now, big changes may be lurking just around your next corner. Be open to surprises, for things aren't as stuck as they sometimes appear.

Ok, so the Eclipse is TONIGHT! I was pretty sure it was a solar, but I guess it's lunar. It's at 11:03pm, Eastern Time.

I'm sensing that Will's heart is tearing him in diff directions, and that his current rel. isn't doing so well, so I don't know how that will effect him? I want to be his friend first, any other desires will work themselves out later.

Liz gave me her old comforter, and being under it is awesome, like a man sleeping on top of you. All this sexy warm weight.

I have guys I can call for sex, but I don't want just sex, I want the strings now too. :P


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