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2:17 am - 10.27.04
pre-eclipse entry :P
Today is the Eclipse.

I expect earthquakes and volcanoes. If you looked at the USGS website you'd see that there has been an increase in earthquake activity. And I just heard there was on in Japan a few hours ago.

In one week, there will be an election, I think it's an important one, that could change America's relationship to the rest of the world.

I am hoping Kerry will do a better job with the Middle East crap, I mean let's stop blowing them up, and also get our ppl out of there, stop giving them targets. They have a new government, let them make mistakes and learn.

Halloween is almost here again, I don't have any plans, I have no idea what if anything will happen.

Tomorrow I may meet up with a friend I met online. He's an interesting guy, and I do want to get to know him, but I'm not looking for anything too close, he lives in Wisconsin, but far enough away that it would be difficult to see him often.

Things will Will are on pause right now.

The world keeps turning,
the world keeps changing,
it will and always,
that much can be certain.


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