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6:44 am - 11.04.04
Pointy Sticks & Chocolate Carrots
My friend Caryn wrote this:

There are times spirit pushes me to write. This is one of them.

Tonight I'm aware of a nation, or at least half of a nation and most of the world, feeling lost, left out, and cheated. Anger over what was supposed to have happened is rampant.

I, like so many psychics, felt the wave of energy carrying John Kerry into an inevitable victory. But midway through the Tuesday afternoon vote, the spiritual wind began to shift. I felt a heaviness begin to threaten, much like the thickening of clouds on a warm humid afternoon here in the US Midwest.

The reality where John Kerry won the election, and the US has an opportunity to redeem itself and its honor is one where my consciousness resides. But in this choosing of realities, my body decided to experience something very different.

My body, my mind, and my soul are grounding into a reality where I have chosen to learn patience through another 4 years of testing. I have chosen to learn unconditional love by expressing it to those who have measured love out only to those deserving of it. And notice within myself when I am using my own tablespoon to measure out compassion.

I do wonder if the US overall will learn more from Bush than from Kerry. Thoth appeared today and didn't say anything about the elections, but gave me a sense of power. Deep power, the kind that makes your body come alive and shake and vibrate with wonder.

We learn by wanting something, and moving towards it with eagerness and anticipation. The carrot approach. Dangle the carrot (or in my case, a piece of chocolate) in front of me, and I'll move towards it. Climb the mountain, do the yoga, meditate till dawn; the more enticing the chocolate, the more willing I am to focus and grasp it.

We also learn by feeling discomfort and pain. The pointy stick approach: When something hurts, we eventually quit doing it. The problem with the pointy stick approach to spiritual enlightenment is that too many of us grew up with it as a daily tool. We are just used to learning through discomfort, rather than learning through a pat on the back, or chocolate.

As a child, I learned that pain was good and an inevitable part of life. Experiencing pain meant I was achieving something good, like setting a swimming record. So in a weird way, I have kept at least one or two little pointy sticks around to let me know how I'm doing.

i'm finding so many people, including myself, do better with a pointy stick than a carrot. I wonder if as a nation we are choosing the pointy stick approach to spiritual enlightenment, rather than the carrot. We will end up at the same place, but with much sorer ribs!

I realize that I've kept some personal pointy sticks around that I'm not willing to grow out of. I've spent years and years coming up with ways to keep reaching backwards and avoiding the pointy stick, rather than reaching forward to the carrot (or that chocolate bar).

By reaching backwards, I avoid the perceived anger (or jealousy or competition) of those near me who don't want me to change. If I keep backing up into my pointy stick, then they can keep backing up into their own pointy sticks. But if I reach forward and learn.they will feel just how painful their pointy stick is. This type of co-dependent living is taught in most families. So no wonder we are walking around with a bushel of pointy sticks we insist we need to continue to back up into in order to be loved by our friends and spouses and co-workers.

I wonder if I can use the next four years to shift my incentive learning pattern from pointy stick to grasping onto the carrot or chocolate in front of me. It would mean a lot less bruising! And perhaps when I change, a few others will change too. Or not. They can keep their pointy sticks if they need them. But I have the right to grasp my chocolate bar, regardless of how others choose to experience life.

A few words from Norma Gentile & Archangel Michael, before closing:

Watch and be aware of the month. Your strength and resolve are most needed. In a few weeks time there will come a testing of your love, of your strength of character-being.

Who you are shines in the dark. The darker the moment, the more brilliant the light becomes to those witnessing. And so the love and compassion of all arms embracing this moment becomes visible to us, as to all other beings witnessing this moment in your planet.

Know that we are with you, as witnesses, and present as reminders of love, unconditional and rare. Fine, delicate, and as a silver filigree, is the precious nature of our love. Boundless as the oceans, and broad as the spread of stars in your evening sky, is our love. Here is the love from which you were made, and into which you call each other.

May this love pass out to all who read these words,
Norma Gentile (with Archangel Michael and others)


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