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9:28 am - 11.25.04
bah humbug, continued.....
Ok, nevermind.

I went to take a shower, mid way through, dad calls. So after cursing the timing of my father, I went to talk to him, had a nice chat.

So after that go back to the shower, the hot water makes the cramp lessen enough that I can now walk.

So I come out, get dressed, put on the nice clothes, and resolve to have a better day than what I started.

All dressed, ready to go.... but mommy dearest is not here, she has left without me.

In a perfect Taurean fasion she leaves silently, without telling me. She didn't consider that I might actually be getting ready to go.

Everything has become an accusation with her. When the TV fucks up, it's my fault, when she can't find her stupid pills (which aren't working), it's my fault.

I had thginking time in the shower, showers are great for clearing your head, so I decided I wanted to go, and my mood changed, I felt calmer, more ready to deal with the stresses of today...and she leaves without me.

So happy fucking hippotamus day to everyone.


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