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8:11 am - 11.25.04
an early bah humbug
My mother is falling apart.

She's breathing funny, like through her mouth, gagging and coughing, not normal mouth breathing, she makes blowing noises...



I ask her, "why don't you get an inhaler?"
She replies, laughing, "I don't have asthma"

That don't fucking matter these days, inhalers have other uses now.

She's getting frequent headaches and dizzy spells, I've been witness to her falling down.

She can't grip things anymore, so I find all these scissors everywhere, half open, ready to cut into flesh or get stepped on!

I just found out, she's going to a hair salon just to get her hair washed, because when she's in the shower, and she closes her eyes, she gets dizzy.

I asked if she could use diver's goggles, as silly as it sounds, she could keep her eyes open, and save $50 a week!

Is it vertigo? I mean wtf is going on? Her doctors are worth shit, either that or she's being a stupid fucking Taurus and she's not telling them what's wrong with her, for fear of upsetting the delicate balance of the universe.

So today we're going to meet the family. Which in other terms, we're going to please my mom's older brother, my uncle, Larry. He's a freak, I'm a freak too, I've picked up his genetics well in that reguard. He twists the whole family into all of this freakish anxiety! My mom ghets the worst of it, she has to please everyone, so she bends over backwards making sure we're on time, and that we play along with his schemes.

So get this, this year we're not giving grandma her presents, no after turkey lunch and visiting, we're going to sneak downstairs into the lobby and give out our presents there.
Because last year, grandma freaked out cause she didn't have any presents for us, so she literally started tearing her room apart. My mom would so do this, I can see this happening soon.

We are another fucked up family, and I'm sick of going along with this shit every year. And I know some bitch is going to lecture me that I should be thankful for having a family at all.
I do love them, but not when they act like freaks, which is all the time, so yeah.

So it's almost 8:30, mom's gonna start freaking out big time, and we're probably not going to get home until after 4. Do you want to know my value of the family right now? I would rather stay home and watch the Thanksgiving Day Bond Movie Marathon on Spike TV!

That or download porn...

To top it off, the other night I went out dancing at Club 5 with some friends, had a great time; but now my right leg is all knotted up, so it hurts to stand and walk, and I'm going to be doing a lot of walking all day today.

6 hours of freaks, that's my day.


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