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11:49 pm - 11.28.04
It's not even December, and I'm already whining about money
So I put off paying my internet, and tomorrow is the due date. I knew it was approaching, I had hoped that a reading would come through. If you pay month to month, it's like $13, I have $3, I guess I could borrow $10 from my Mom. But I'm tired of asking her for money.
Y'know it's funny, Shannon owes me $16 dollars, that would be perfect, but she'll never pay me back.

I've tried to help people who don't want my help, it's a waste of energy.

Blah, so I may go back to another AOL free trial tomorrow, or unless I can find the money for another month.

Someone might say, "Get a job." but see I need the money now, and if I got a job, I wouldn't have the money until next month. So nya!


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