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12:34 am - 01.13.05
Mimosa, please consider...
So I wrote a letter to Mimosa asking for my job back. It's been a year, I think I'm ready to be responsible and trust worthy again. Besides the other job possibilities freak me out.

I will break out on my own this time, I don't really know how at this point, but I will figure it out. That was what the last odd entry was about.

So here's the letter:

Dear Mimosa,

I address this letter to the entire Mimosa community, including all owner/partners, employees and the blessed energy, which enfolds this place of love and commerce.

About one year ago I was an employee with Mimosa, I was given several responsibilities, like opening and closing, tending the register, and occasionally taking deposits to the bank. Later as my responsibilities grew, I helped with inventory and pricing new items.

I felt my own intuition helped me to guide customers to what they were looking for. Some knew exactly what they wanted, so I would give them space. Others seemed confused, but they hadnít asked for help, so I would politely offer guidance. When I chose music to play, I would find a few things I have never heard and play them, and often times someone was interested in getting that CD. As for the higher end items, such as the chime clocks and the singing bowls, I never discouraged anyone from trying them out, no matter if they were serious or not. I have learned that a poor customer may tell a potential rich customer about an item Mimosa carries, and soon the rich friend buys it. So I must treat every customer equally and fairly. Some customers can be rude or inconsiderate, so diplomacy is key. I would try my best to clean up messes, and find a solution to the customerís problem. If I couldnít find a solution, I would call for help.

I did have a problem, and I didnít call for help. I was taking money from the petty cash box. I thought I had it under control. I would take a few bucks out, and pay it back when my paycheck came in. But soon I was taking out larger amounts, and not putting enough back. I started in the final months of 2003. I made a vow to myself that at the start of the New Year; I would stop stealing money from the petty cash. And when 2004 came around, I stopped until the day I was found out, and eventually let go.

In late January, Beth confronted me about the missing money. She noted that money seemed to go missing after my work shift. So we worked out a deal, she would garnish my paychecks until the petty cash was balanced again. And so I continued to work, hoping I could still be a part of Mimosa. When I had paid the last part off, Beth made a fair decision to let me go. My employment ended on good terms. I still consider her and Jim my friends, and she returned the sentiment as well. I accepted their decision, I accepted the consequences; I did not come to Beth or Jim to ask for help, so I broke the circle of trust.

Almost a year has gone by, I see how Mimosa has blossomed under the efforts of the new partners, Linda and her husband. There is new life, hope, and a sense of peace when I walk in there. My heart has been healed of the guilt and regret, and I feel Mimosa has forgiven me as well.

The reason I write this letter is to acknowledge my past mistakes, and to tell you they are a part of my path, but they are not me. I want to be a part of Mimosa again. I have the training inside of me already; I know I can be a valued and trusted member of the Mimosa community once again. Please consider me for any future positions. I understand that if I was to be hired back, there may be conditions and limitations. I am prepared to accept the responsibility and do the work required of me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


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