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1:16 pm - 02.25.05
money hurts, ouch!
Went to Lifestyles Staffing.
Picked up my paycheck.
Left Lifestyles Staffing.
Looked at paycheck.
Looked at paycheck again.
Walked back to Lifestyles Staffing.
Explained to them that the check wasn't nearly what it should be.
It should've been in the ballpark of $150.00
When in actuality, it's $21.34
I explained to the woman that the job paid $11. something per hour, and I worked two 8 hour shifts (in excruciating foot pain), and this only seems to cover a few hours (the original paycheck before taxes, being $50.).
So she explained that since I quit without giving a week's notice, my pay for that time period, was reduced to minimum wage.

The moral of the story:

Don't fuck with Lifestyles Staffing, they will fuck you in return!


So there goes the dream of fixing my puter, and paying my mother back for those blasted boots!

The check went into the bank. I'm not sure how long it will stay there.


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