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3:41 pm - 03.09.05
it gives the night bright colours
I was thinking lastnight (i know, i know...bad idea), and I found myself back where I started, 4 years ago.

It's 2001, my great grandfather John had passed the year before, and his inheritence check just reached my mother. She gives me $1000.00 to do with as I please.
And my choice is narrowed down to a computer or camera.

I had never owned a PC before, I wanted to be able to explore my writting, meet new people, build a website, and find really good man porn.

But I also wanted to be a photographer. I wanted to capture those special moments in life, and also have an excuse to ask hunky guys to pose nude for me.

I chose the computer.

I met many friends, the good ones I met through Diaryland. I learned how to manipulate HTML, I found endless supplies of free man porn, and I tapped into my creative side; by writting poetry, creating digital art, and then sharing all of it with a click of a button.

But my ache to capture real moments suffered.

I have no doubt that if I had chosen the camera, I'd be lonely, broke, and wondering what woulda happened if I had gotten the puter. I would have met other incredible friends, maybe even my lover (whom I'm convinced is involved in photography or modeling).

So now that my puter is dead, and the money never stays long enough to fix it, I think I will pursue the other dream.


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