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10:00 am - 04.02.05
Toryn's Coming

My name is Toryn Jay Hawk, and I have a message for the world.

I'm coming!


So yeah, weirdness erupting from my soul. You probably don't believe in Automatic Writting, but that bit up there was it.

Let me jump back a bit, earlier in the week I rented some movies from the library, Tootsie, Kiss Me Kate, Arthur, Arsenic & Old Lace, and Terminator 3 (which I had never seen).

In Terminator 3, Nick Stahl plays Eddie Furlong's character from the second movie, T2: Judgement Day. I thought Eddie did a fine job playing an average kid who discovers he's going to save the world. But Nick looks a lot like "Sarah Connor", and he played the character well too.
Awesome action scenes, like you wouldn't believe it if you haven't seen it.

Anywho, did you ever notice ppl in the Midwest say Anywho instead of Anyways?

Anywho, Sean and Katie came over last night, remember them? I went to HS with Sean, and he used to date Katie. I think they're still dating, but don't know what to call it.

When the three of us get together, shit happens, sometimes bad emotional fighting shit, other times it's three-way groping orgy shit. Well last night it turned into a groping orgy.

Katie is glorius in bed, a true sex goddess. The noises she makes drive me wild and I don't normally dig on pussy. But not much happened this night.

Ok, so this, everything up to this point, actually happened. Just so we're clear. So after they leave, I stay up a bit watching reruns of the reruns I watched earlier in the day. Then I went to bed, and started having a really fucked up dream.

I was downstairs in Dawn's basement, in the computer room, and I was going to make a music CD for Celia (who's coming home party is tonight). So I'm going through the playlists and picking out songs, when all of a sudden the information starts getting deleted and rewritten, like someone is hacking into the computer.

The dream blurs for a while, then I'm here again, and Sean and Katie are over, but it's not Sean, it's Nick Stahl, and I keep calling him Nick, but he acts like it's not his name. So the orgy starts again, only this time Sean/Nick is just standing there watching, and me and Katie are making hot monkey love like I've never had before. It was amazing dream sex.

I'm woken up to Murray, pawing at the window shades by Dawn's bed. So I open the shades, and the window, aso he can lay down and slowly bake in the sun.

I go back to sleep.

Now I'm in the living room, I feel like it's the day after (this morning), and there's a knock at the door, and there's Nick Stahl again, I ask him if he wants to come in, and he says "Not yet, but soon." And then the phone rings, only it's ringing in the real world. So I tell him to wait a second, and he says "You better answer that." So in the dream I'm like "Hello? Hello?" and the phones still ringing, so I really wake up, answer the phone.

It's Dawn, the other Dawn, the one in Sun Prarie, the very very pregnant Dawn, like we're all predicting her babe's gonna pop out on Monday. And she's calling to let me know she's packed her hospital bag and added Dawn's phone numbers in case I'm still here when she goes into labor. And I tell her that Toryn, her unborn baby, just visited me. It was Nick, knockin' at my door.

I realise you're missing a lot of information here. Toryn is a special kid, he's gonna do things for this world. He's come to me in dreams, and in our soul group's dreams many many times. He has physically affected objects and ppl, and he's not even born yet!

And he's coming soon.

Ok, more weirdness. After I get off the phone with Dawn, I go to the loo to do a #2. And when I get up to flush, I kid you not, there were 3 turds floating in a perfect triangle.

* *

Just like that! I even took a picture of it. Yes, I took a picture of my own poo.

It was an upsidedown triangle, which oddly enough represents Water. So I think Dawn's water is going to break soon.


Ok, on to other things. Tonight I'm going to Celia's coming home party. She just spent the last few months traveling across the country doing concerts. You can check out her stuff here.

I may be going with Will and Ken Adi, but I'm unsure about Ken, cause he has his Psychic Faire this weekend. Which pregnant Dawn is at all weekend.

Either way it'll be good to see Will again. He's another special guy. We have a really awesome connection, he gives me attention and affection; but he's not gay. If he'd come into my bed at night, I'd be in heaven. Yet I rarely have any kind of friendship with men, so I'm happy for my connection with Will. He's a good man. :)

Tomorrow afternoon I may go to the Psychic Faire, maybe to get a reading, but also cause Dawn thinks she'll start tomorrow after the Faire, and I want to be there. And Karen Clark will be there too, she's really awesome, I'm enjoying getting to know her better.


The Pope is going to die. Even if he recovers, I feel he'll be dead by May 1st.

Also an Earthquake is going to hit California, early summer. It's going to be the big one this time.

Then about a month later, Mt. St. Helens will erupt again.

Crime rates involving children are going to outweigh adult crime in the next year or so.

I don't feel like the world economy is going to crash, but it's going to get really bad next year. Unemployment will double, then triple.

And I don't believe Bush is really in control. I think he's just a figurehead. A frightened boy-child who only wants to please his friends.

Please dont read "Angels and Demons" it's a very good book, which puts very bad ideas in your head.


I don't know what to do about life. I just feel that some solution is coming. That no amount of money will help, that I should just live as best as I can, until the moment of action.

Which goes against the grain, but so be it.


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