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12:07 am - 04.03.05
The Wait

Oh my love
you are worth your weight in subway tokens
You are the crunch of tires in the snow
and the wheedling breath-take of the engine as it starts in the night

You are the click smash of the fork against the teeth
Oh my love
you are worth your weight in jalepeno peppers and margarita pies
You are the sting of sand in the eyes when I get warm at the beach
and the stingray threat as I walk into the ocean

Oh my love you are that incredible clamp-clump sensation when I'm underwater and I don't think I can make it back to the surface before I die
Oh you're worth your weight in popcorn husks stuck between my teeth
and nobody needs you like I do

You are the satisfying crush-crunch of the cockroach beneath my trembling hand

Oh my love
you are worth
the wait

-Meryn Cadell


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