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10:03 am - 06.21.05
Pesto Poptarts
It's Summer!

Mary's talkin to Susie. Susie made Amish Friendship Breaqd, and we're going to eat it all like selfish piggyqt friends. yummy.

This keyboard sucks. WQeb TV sucks. It freezes up, and everyhing is so slow. And all the images are way too big, while the text areas get scrunched u8p.

I hate these keyboard, the fuckibng keys are too small, like an Apple keyboard.

It's 10:07, do you know where your hormones are?

Keith Urban apparently likes Sponge Bob and Family guy, that's cool.

I like porn.

So last night, I did ome vampire readings for Mary, and we talked about stuff, we bonded. She's a good friend, and we've been through a lot together.

She wants me to tell you that she fell in a hole last night. And there was this big hole by the sidewalk near the concete donut, She fell, but she was drunk so nothing hurt.

Ok so I found out the names of the DF guys, Phil Collen was the hot tight bodied, one who looked like Sting. He was in front of us most of the time, I wish I had brought my camera! Then Vivianne Campbell, that's a dude, he took hisshirt off too, and he had those big kind of abs that bulge out, ohhhh yeah.

Well i better get packing. mm i'm ging
crap, stupid keyboard.


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