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12:45 am - 07.05.05
What did they do with the Middleman?
Have you heard, showers can now kill us?

Apparently there's yet another horrible chemical in everybody's water, and as we inhale it through the water spray, it will give us brain disease.

You already know everything from wrist watches to toasters will give us cancer, but this? We're speeding quickly back to the Dark Ages. Humanity didn't shower much, soap was evil, everyone stunk, it was horrible. Don't ever wish to live back in that time. Everyone smelled like constipated horses!

A man in his 60's climbed to the top of a water tower, and said he would not come down until Bush stopped the war.

What is this man's story? Did he lose someone to the war? Did Christ compell him to climb to his salvation?

Btw, anyone who goes off to fight in any war is already lost to it, whether or not they're killed. War changes a person.

I'm listening to Art Bell, I know his name is apparently George Noorie, but he sounds exactly like Art, thinks like him, probably even looks like him; so in my mind he's still Art Bell.

Tonight's show is about the American Free Masons, y'know New World Order, ....ha! great quote!

"Who do you believe more, Walt Disney, or the U.S. Governtment?"
-Kenneth C. Davis


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