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4:06 am - 07.05.05
Captain Murphy is rolling in his grave
"On January 21, three talented FMMC student members played a concert at Goodwin House in Alexandria. They were Andy Luse, piano; Bill Perdu, cello; Chris Hahn, viola." -Friday Morning Music Club

The first Doppleganger works for Microsoft, the second is in Princeton's Univ.'s Glee Club, and this one plays the piano! Like the collective unconscious is living out my dreams, and using the same name, it's kind of beautiful.

Ha! I hate Russel Crowe, so does this one:

"LUSE AFFILIATION - Andy Luse, Whitman class of 1998, watched his brother Jeff Luse (Whitman ‘05) team up with Nima Ossareh (Whitman ‘04) in the regional doubles championship.
“I actually beat Jeff in a grudge match a couple of weeks ago,” Andy said, though Jeff denied his brother’s claim. However, when Andy later claimed he taught Jeff how to play, the younger Luse confirmed the statement.
Andy Luse also played tennis at Whitman, and he went on to graduate from Princeton University. He was there when “A Beautiful Mind” was filmed on campus. Though Luse said it was exciting to have the film crews there, he said he saw actor Russell Crowe making an obscene gesture at women who asked for his autograph."

I never wanted to play Tennis.... I really like badmitton though.

Ok, another scary part of this last story, my Mom almost named me Jeff!!!


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